For private individuals

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Private customers can choose between two types of leasing contracts:

Finance lease

Suitable if you are determined to become a vehicle owner. The purchase of your car will be financed over a certain period and will be yours with the final payment.

Different from a conventional finance lease is a capital lease with a residual value at the end of a lease period. In this case, a higher payment is left at the end of the leasing period. This is suitable if you want to buy a vehicle but the monthly payments for a normal finance lease are too high. Monthly lease payments are now lower but at the end of the lease period, you will have to make a final instalment, which is the residual value of the monthly payments, in order to become the owner of the vehicle.

Operating lease

Operating lease is the best way to use a vehicle, if you have no plans to become a vehicle owner. It gives you the opportunity to use the vehicle for the duration of the leasing period and lease a new one at the end of the contract.
At the end of the leasing period, the customer essentially has three vehicle related action options :
1. buy out for its residual value;
2. sell to a third party;
3. return to the car dealer;

All lease agreements are secured by the leased vehicle. The leasing company may require additional security (e.g. a surety), if necessary. As a rule, lease payments are calculated as an annuity (i.e. a single payment) and interest is calculated on the unpaid part of the vehicle. The costs of use and maintenance are borne by the customer, except for full-service leasing.

When signing, amending or terminating a leasing contract, please follow the terms and conditions of the contract of the respective leasing company.